This quick quiz will guide you to the perfect e-bike match for your adventures. Answer a few questions about your riding style, terrain, and preferences – your e-bike journey begins now!

What do you intend to use your bike for?

Choose the answer that best describes your main use of the bike.

  • Open Road - Long miles on pavement
  • Trails - Mountain biking and off-road
  • Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods - Suburban & City streets

Motor location: Rear Wheel or Mid-drive?

Mid-drive motors distribute weight evenly across the e-bike, enhancing handling and balance. This might be ideal for riders who prioritize maneuverability (think mountain e-bikes). Rear wheel motors offer a budget-friendly alternative, but some riders might perceive them as less stable.

  • Rear Wheel Motor
  • Mid Drive Motor

Do you plan on taking short trips, medium journeys, or long adventures?

  • Short trips (1-5 miles a day)
  • Medium Journeys (6-14 miles a day)
  • Long Adventures (15+ miles a day)

Do you prefer a specific frame or have any physical limitations that make mountaing a bicycle difficult?

We offer two bike frames: the step-through and the traditional frame. The step-through is more apporoachable and easier to mount.

  • I prefer a step-through frame
  • I prefer a traditional frame

How do you plan to transport your bike

Traveling with your bike? We have models that will fit nearly any method of transportation.

  • I will carry my bike on my public transporation
  • I will travel with an RV or car rack
  • I need my bike to fold so I can put in my trunk
  • I do not travel with my bike often.

Gear Up or Ride Free?

Gear up with cargo racks, ready to conquer errands, commutes, and adventures. Or ride free with a bike built for comfort and style, perfect for a sunset cruise or a weekend coffee run.

  • Gear up – cargo bike
  • Ride free – city cruiser

Are you a value seeker or a feature enthusiast?

No matter your style, the goal is finding the sweet spot: the balance between dream features and a comfortable price.

  • Price is one of my top criteria
  • A good value is important but not a top criteria

Mountain Master or Smoother gravel?

Do you want to conquer rough roads and steep climbs with a high clearance bike or well-maintained paths and relaxed rides with a lower clearance bike?

  • Mountain Master – High clearance
  • Smoother Gravel – Lower clearance

ANYTHING – Coming Soon

  • Step-through premium utility e-bike for easy accessibility and an ability to carry anything you need.
  • Designed for ease of operation and ownership.
  • 750W rear-wheel motor
  • eBliss optimized automatic 2-Speed Hub transmission


  • The style of a classic commuter packed with e-bike innovation. Ideal for commuting or easily running all your errands
  • Step-through frame design with front suspension
  • 500W mid-motor + Enviolo continuously variable transmission
  • Designed for ease of operation, safe riding and carefree ownership


  • An all-terrain e-bike born to excel in the sand and dirt. Just shear fun to ride!
  • 4.8” wide tires and High clearance frame
  • 750W motor + Automatic 2-speed transmission


  • A folding e-bike with upscale componentry and no skimping on performance.
  • 20” wheels providing nimble handling and front suspension
  • Compact folding frame/ fold-down handlebars for easy storage or transport
  • 500W motor + Automatic 2-speed transmission


  • Eye-catching, design-forward, premium e-bike with all-day range.
  • Cutting edge frame design provides universal fit expanding geometry for riders 5’ to 6’4”
  • 80+ mile range
  • 500W mid-motor + Enviolo continuously variable transmission


  • Step-through premium e-bike for a more relaxed riding posture.
  • Cutting edge frame design provides universal fit expanding geometry for riders 5’ to 6’4”
  • 80+ mile range
  • 500W mid-motor + Enviolo continuously variable transmission